Anne Springs Close Greenway℠

Our Mission

Connect people to nature through recreational and educational activities while fostering a passion for environmental conservation, animal habitat, and protection of natural resources.


Our Vision

Preserve a place for people to celebrate and experience nature for generations to come.

Traditionally, our facilities have been located in the communities in which Springs Mills originally established their production facilities in South Carolina – Chester Township, Fort Mill Township, and Lancaster County.

We believe that by focusing our efforts on recreation, education and environmental stewardship, we can enrich the lives of our youth and contribute to the community we are proud to call home.

Our operations are possible only through the generous cooperation of our local school districts and municipal and county governments, as well as partnerships with local businesses and citizens. Our most precious resource is the time provided by the volunteers that assist our operations in so many different ways.

Financial assistance is available to ensure that our facilities and services are available to all of our neighbors. Click here for more information.

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